Ordering Chemicals

Guide to ordering chemicals.

Effective November 30, 2020

Both trackable (hazardous) and non-trackable chemicals should be ordered via UGAmart. It is highly recommended that hazardous chemicals be ordered separately from non-hazardous chemicals.

Before ordering chemicals in UGAmart, you will need to select the appropriate lab storage information. This information is recorded in Chematix for required tracking purposes.

Step 1

To create a custom location list and select a default location, click the User icon (bust) in the upper right-hand corner.

Step 2

  • Click View My Profile.
  • Click Default User Setting, Custom Field and Accounting Code Defaults.
  • Click the Delivery tab.
  • Click the Edit button (under edit values).

Step 3

  • Click the Create New Value button.

The “Search for Value” menu is displayed.

The Value and Description search fields both return options based on Principal Investigator (PI) last name, Building #, Room #, and Chematix bar code location #.


If you search value “Altizer” you will see all values returned for PI Altizer. Here, you will want to select all potential locations for PI Altizer that are approved for storage.

Click Add Values. Your selection(s) will populate to the left in the Custom Field Name table.

Now click the Back to Search button.

Set Default Value

If you want to set a default value, where chemicals are normally stored for your lab, click the appropriate link in the Custom Field Name table. A box will populate to the right.

Click the “Default” checkbox then Save. The selected address will be displayed as the Default Value.

Note: This is also where you can remove any locations that are no longer needed.


To begin shopping, click the Home icon in the top left of your screen. Now you are back to the UGAmart home screen and you can select the vendor, chemical and quantity of your choice.

Remember, it is highly recommended to separate hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals into separate orders. Supplier punch-outs will typically include warnings and safety notices on the chemical ordering page.

Be sure to enter “hazardous or non-hazardous”, as appropriate, for your “cart description“.

Click on “Proceed to Final Review“.

All trackable items will be/should be shipped to Central Research Stores for Chematix barcoding prior to distribution. If your order of hazardous vs. non-hazardous chemicals are not separated then all non-hazardous chemicals could be delayed on combined orders.

Use the Search option to select the Central Research Stores address, key word “Central”.

Click “Save.”

Please review the Chematix Storage Location just below the Shipping Address, for correct chemical storage location. If what appears is not correct click “Edit” and select the appropriate location from your earlier selected values. Click “Save“. Verify the correct location is now showing up.

Assign your cart to Laura Leachman including your speedtype.

  • If you are a grad student using award funds, please also enter the award description (e.g. “Odum Small Grant”, “Spencer Grant”, “APC award”, etc.).
  • Click “assign” to complete your order.

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