Visa Sponsorship

The University of Georgia’s Office of Global Engagement supports immigration services for international students, visitors, and employees. Click on the link above for conclusive information.

Ecology has prepared the following forms to help aid in the acquisition of visa sponsorships. Most requests involve a J-1 and you should submit your request at least 5-6 months out. Otherwise, be sure to submit your request as soon as you can. Ecology nor UGA can make guarantees on visas but we will certainly work diligently on your behalf.

OGE – Immigration Services handles all student visas. Ecology does not.

Templates, fees, policies and procedures are subject to change without notice.

How to determine whether a J-1 or H1-B sponsorship is more appropriate.

Sponsors should complete the following appropriate form(s):

***Forms are inactive at this time.  Please reach out to for assistance.***

  • J-1 Intake Form
  • J-1 Extension Intake Form
  • J-1 Student Intern Intake Form
  • H1-B Intake Form
  • Deemed Export Attestation Form