Request a delegate

How to request a OneSource delegate for for employee Travel Authorizations (TA), Travel Reimbursements and Non-Travel Reimbursements.

Only you can request someone to serve as a delegate on your behalf.

Step 1

Log into using your UGA MyID, password, and arch pass duo pass code/call/push notification. If you are accessing the website off campus you will also need to have a Cisco any any-connect VPN installed on your computer. Once logged in, make sure the screen says “Employee Self Service” at the top, then click “TE Profile & Delegation.”

Step 2

On the Authorize Users page, click the “+” (plus-sign) to add a new row.

In this new row, within the “Authorized User ID” field, enter the MyID of the employee(s) to which you wish to delegate authority.

Step 3

Under “Expense Document Type,” select “Travel Authorization.”

Under “Authorization Level“, select Edit & Submit.

Step 4

Repeat Steps 2 & 3 to add both Leslie and Joanne.

  • Please assign both Joanne Greenway (MyID: greenway) and Elizabeth ‘Leslie’ Sitz (MyID: lsitz) as delegates since they serve as back up for one another.

Click the Save button to save your delegate selections.

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