Ecology's Performance Assessment Process


Performance assessments are required for all regular, benefits-eligible staff (whether full or part-time and including postdocs). Faculty assessments are managed via a different process.


Performance Assessment Purpose and Supervisor Review Guidelines

The University of Georgia Human Resources unit requires that a performance assessment form and conference be completed by the employee’s immediate supervisor annually from the period January 1 through December 31, except where performance requires more frequent review or when job responsibilities change substantially.

The performance assessment process is not only to serve as a basis for merit increases (when available) but more importantly, to use as a tool for review of past performance and a way to set performance goals, recognize and improve the contributions, and skills of the individuals who make up our organization and to plan for our future success.  It also serves as a way to promote communication between the supervisor and employee regarding the work performance, policies and practices, and means by which the performance can be enhanced and to help the supervisor determine the overall performance rating. 

Annual Performance Assessment Process

The performance assessment process begins at the time of hire or the beginning of the assessment cycle from January 1 to December 31.  Each employee’s position description is the source of job responsibilities and work standards upon which the formal performance assessment is based. Therefore it is important you have the most up-to-date job description on file with UGA-HR.  Supervisors will meet with their employee(s) to review the position description and job-related expectations.

If you so choose, you may reach out to your employee(s) to request any employee remarks, activities and accomplishments, and information on any training completed during the assessment year. The supervisor is encouraged BUT NOT REQUIRED to reach out to a variety of individuals that work directly with the employee(s) being assessed in order to gain as much unbiased input on the employee’s performance as possible.  If you decide to request this information it is advisable to provide a deadline of no later than mid-January so you can begin working on the assessment using comprehensive details.

Please reach out to Ecology’s HR Liaison for a copy of your employee’s current job description, if needed.


Supervisors should:

  • include any material mentioned above on the UGA-approved performance assessment form, or attach it, along with completing the actual assessment ratings. 
  • arrange a face-to-face meeting or a virtual meeting with the employee to discuss performance responsibilities, expectations, and the performance ratings on the performance assessment form. 
  • Both of these actions should be completed no later than mid-February.


During the conference, the supervisor and employee should review the job description and make a note of any necessary changes that will form the basis for review during the next assessment period.  Noted changes will NOT go into effect without review and upon approval by UGA Central HR. Concluding the discussion, the assessment form should be signed by the employee and supervisorAn employee’s signature does not reflect agreement with the assessment. It means only that the employee was given the opportunity to discuss the assessment with the supervisor.  A copy of the signed assessment form and all additional paperwork, including any noted changes, should be forwarded to Ecology’s HR Liaison for inclusion in the employee’s personnel file. Submission via email is fine. If changes were made or there is specific information you wish to communicate to the HR Liaison, clearly indicate this in the email or package. 

The originally signed assessment should be given to the employee. 

Performance assessments including the conference should be completed no later than the end of February each year. Assessments MUST be on file in order to qualify for potential merit increases.