Things to consider when submitting a travel authority

  • Destination
  • Accounting Tag/Speed Type
  • What fiscal year will this travel occur?
  • Fiscal years at UGA run July 1, 20## – June 30, 20##.
  • Departure Date and
  • Return Date
  • Blanket Travel? Allowable for frequent in-state travel to same field site (i.e., feeding fish in Coweta); dates may not exceed the current fiscal year.
  • Sharing a room? Traveler paying for the lodging should seek reimbursement via group travel.

What expenses do you anticipate you will incur?


Online booking services such as Airbnb, VRBO, Home Away and the like are prohibited for non-international travel.

Lodging in Georgia

Traveler must be able to provide proper identification to document their employment as a state or local government employee to be exempt from paying the county or municipal excise tax.

Traveler should make every effort to avoid payment of sales tax.

Per diem (meals)

There are set limits depending on your travel destination. There are limits on departure and return dates. For instance, travelers are eligible for only 75% of the total day’s per diem rate on the first and last day of travel for out-of-state only. For overnight travel w/in GA you are allowed 100% per diem on travel days. On the flip side, if it is same-day travel then you will not be able to claim per diem at all.

Registration Fee

To avoid paying out-of-pocket seek guidance from your Senior Accountant for other options.


Mileage rates are updated periodically here.



If your travel is funded by federal funds, you must use a US flag air carrier for international travel when possible, as outlined in the Fly America Act. If not possible be prepared to provide justification.

Coach/economy fare is recommended. Business Class airfare is allowable in rare cases. You should check with your Sr. Accountant first before booking a flight for other than coach/economy fare.

If you wish to direct bill your airfare, it must be with a UGA approved travel agency. There can not be any conflict of interest between the traveler and agent/agency.

Note: Prices are typically higher if you choose to direct charge.

Taxi, railway, shuttle

Please seek help from your Sr. Accountant, if needed.

Car Rentals

Mandatory contracts

must return vehicles with the same amount of gas that it had when it was picked up; reimbursement with paid receipt is allowed under miscellaneous expenses.

  • Hertz: if rental is from Hartsfield-Jackson International airport or any out-of-state location
  • Enterprise or Hertz: if rental is in Georgia
  • Options: compact, intermediate or full size. A van may be rented if there are more than 4 travelers.
  • Traveler must decline optional fuel offerings, maintenance and oil changes by the car rental vendor.
  • Employees traveling on State business inside the continental US are covered by the State’s liability policy therefore liability coverage should be declined when renting within the US. Loss Damage and Collision Damage are also covered for vehicles rented under the Statewide Car Rental Vendor Contract. When traveling to destinations outside the Continental U.S. (OCONUS), with the exception of Canada, the State Risk Management Department recommends that travelers accept collision insurance when renting cars.

Note: The State liability policy is only in effect while the employee is using the rented vehicle for official State business. For this reason, personal use of the vehicle, including allowing friends or family members to ride in a State rented vehicle, is prohibited.


For required work-related expenses (e.g., gas for rental car, internet at hotel)

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