Ecology Building

Key request

Access is maintained by the front office assistant.

A completed key request form and a $10 deposit per key is required, unless otherwise noted. Exact cash or a check made payable to the Odum School of Ecology is acceptable. A receipt will be provided to you. You are required to print this form because it requires signatures and, likely, payment.

For students, this form must be signed by a Major Professor. If you are an undergraduate student you must be on OSE payroll.

Key return

Upon return of keys you are eligible for a refund by submitting the Key Refund Request Form. If you are still an employee with UGA at the time of reimbursement your refund will be direct deposited into the account you have on file for payroll. If you are not an employee or are submitting your request less than 10 business days before your last working day you will issued a refund check.

BioSci Building

Please contact Deanna Whiddon if you need after hour access to this building. Be prepared to give her your “810” number as it is required for her to set up your access.

Ecology Annex

f you are working in a lab at the Annex your Major Professor should provide you with a code for entry or you may submit a key request form to the front office following the same procedure outlined for the Ecology Building.

HorseShoe Bend (HSB)

Please consult with Dr. Sonia Altizer first.

Odum Cabin

Please consult with Dr. Andrew Davis first.