(updated 7/13/16)

The Odum School recognizes the importance of promoting our faculty for awards and honors to value accomplishments in research, teaching and service. Our goal is to make faculty broadly aware of internal and external award opportunities, and to solicit and promote the best applications for these awards. Below we list institutional and Odum School awards (and will expand this list as information becomes available). Our policy is to solicit nominations from the faculty in August for award deadlines in the upcoming cycle. Faculty may self-nominate, nominate their colleagues with permission, or be nominated by the Dean.

Nominations should include the following information:

  1. Name of Award,
  2. Name of nominee,
  3. A brief statement (up to 200 words) on the basis for the nomination, including how the candidate meets the expected criteria and compares to other recipients of the same award (both within Ecology and across UGA), and, if possible,
  4. Current academic CV of the nominee.

Initial nominations should be sent in the form of an email with associated file attachments, to John Gittleman and Jeb Byers. Applicants should expect to receive acknowledgement of receipt.

The deans will evaluate the nominations, with input from the executive committee when applicable, and will notify the candidates of decisions in a timely fashion. The faculty member is responsible for generating relevant application materials, with the help from deans and administrative staff (Del Burton). When possible, we will make application materials from previously successful candidates available to improve the quality of new applications.

Award NameBrief Description and LinkPast OSE recipientsDeadline(s)
Research Medal
Research project with a single consistent premise. Criteria include principal direction and focus of the project occurring within the past five years and identification with the University; 2-4 UGA awards made annually
John Drake, Pej Rohani; Vanessa EzenwaFirst Tuesday in November
The Lamar
Dodd Creative Research
Accumulation of outstanding research or creative activities which have already received national and/or international recognition; must have been at UGA 5+ years and show future promise; 1 award made across UGA annually;
Hubbell, Patty Gowaty
First Tuesday
in November
Outstanding research, scholarly accomplishments and to provide
the impetus for continuing high achievement; must be 10+ years
post-PhD; 2-5 awards made annually across UGA;

November 14
Adams Early Career ScholarMost promising up and coming researcher/scholar, whose
trajectory projects remarkable success

Andrew Park, Nina WurzburgerFirst Tuesday in November
Meigs Distinguished Teaching ProfessorExcellence in undergraduate and graduate instruction; Up to 5
awarded per year.

Jim PorterMonday, November 8, 2021
Richard Russell Undergraduate Teaching AwardExcellence in undergraduate instruction by faculty members in
their early academic careers.

Jeb ByersMonday, November 8, 2021
Graduate Mentoring AwardInnovation and effectiveness in mentoring graduate students by faculty during their educational experience
Nomination must come from graduate studentsNovember
CURO Mentoring AwardOutstanding faculty who consistently engage undergraduates through CURO Programming and enhance the learning experience of undergraduate researchers.

John Drake, Jeb ByersFebruary 18
Hill Award for Public Service and OutreachDistinguished achievement in public service and outreach by University of Georgia faculty members and service professionals.

Krista Capps, Andrew Park, Pejman Rohani, Mark HunterJanuary - mid-March
Lilly Teaching FellowshipFor first, second or third-year faculty to develop teaching skills:

Andrew Park, Pej RohaniMarch 11
UGA Service Learning AwardsSeveral awards “to support and reward service-learning by
faculty members and campus collaborators”:

Multiple deadlines