The Odum School recognizes the importance of travel to conferences, workshops and meetings for the professional development of our faculty, staff and students. We receive $5,000 in support from the Provost Office annually to support faculty travel, and will augment this internally in years when the budget allows. Although our travel budget is limited and we cannot fully support all travel requests, we will make every effort to contribute towards crucial travel needs. We anticipate providing partial support for multiple travel requests each fiscal year, and will prioritize applications based on the following criteria:

  1. The number of previously funded requests,
  2. Other matching funds applied for and means to cover the full amount given partial support from Ecology, and
  3. How this travel contributes to Ecology’s teaching, research, and/or service mission.

The Dean, Associate Deans, and appropriate staff will review applications submitted on a rolling basis. Faculty should submit the following information, by email, at least two (2) months in advance of the anticipated travel dates when making a request for support:

1) Name, dates and location of the conference, meeting or workshop

2) Expected audience, size and impact of the meeting or event

3) Title and abstract for the presentation or brief statement of participation (limit 200 words)

4) Anticipated costs (itemized), amount requested from OSE, and amount to be provided as matching funds from other sources (including self)

Requests should be sent to Leslie Sitz and Jeb Byers by email. Applicants should expect to receive acknowledgement of receipt. Note that for travel prior to June 30, requests should be submitted by April 1. Requests for travel that takes place after June 30 will be considered for the following fiscal year.

Other sources of support for faculty or other travel assistance: