Why Forms?

Do not save forms to your desktop or elsewhere. Updates are made without notice in order to ensure efficiency and ensure we capture any changes to UGA’s policy.

  • Forms enable the EBO to prepare records for the School, which are used in filing and reference, including for auditing purposes.
  • Forms reduce the chances of errors and mistakes upon leaving the end user and reaching the processor.
  • Forms can help reduce the cost of operation by saving manual and mechanical labor on production of such records without forms.
  • It simplifies office procedures and establishes a more sound office system.
  • It facilitates systematic collection and transmission of information.

All Ecology employees must assign a delegate.

  • Employees only have to complete this task one time unless there is turnover in the office. The system requires you to sign in with your UGA MyID and password and this is the reason someone else can not complete this task for you. However, you are welcome to reach out to your finance contact for in-person assistance.
  • Once you have completed assigning delegates your finance contact and their back-up can move through the UGAmart and OneSource systems on your behalf.
  • You are still required to complete a simple pdf or Qualtrics form.
  • By law, you are still required to review and submit your travel authorities and all reimbursements.


Forms – Employees


Forms – Non-Employees

  • Travel
    • Non-Employee Travel Authorization Form (pdf) **May 2022**
      • This form is to document and authorize non-employee travel. Non-employees traveling on University business paid or reimbursed by UGA are subject to the same travel policies as University employees.
        • Use this form if you are a non-employee with a primary purpose of:
          • attending a conference as UGA Official Representative
          • serving as a consultant/independent contractor
          • faculty/staff/student candidate
          • family/spouse travel to accompany candidate
          • guest speaker
          • official UGA competition
          • research collaboration/participation
          • support student’s academic development
          • other (which will be described on the form)
      • Coordinate travel with the sponsoring department.
      • A list of approved travel agencies that will direct bill airfare to UGA are at the Accounts Payable website (excluding Travel Inc.).
      • Traveler may choose the agency but the department contact will make official arrangements for direct billing.
      • This form will be attached to all payment requests or expense reports related to travel.
    • UGA-OSE Non-employee Payment Request Form (pdf)


Forms – Other