Recycling at Ecology

Front office personnel will work with custodial staff to maintain these areas. However, if you notice any container that is full please feel free to notify indicating what needs attention.

  • Paper: Recycle bins are labeled and located throughout the building. These are typically next to the landfill containers for easy determination.
  • Batteries:  These are collected in a “Universal Waste” container and is located in the area outside classroom 117 (aka “the fishbowl”/seminar room). Only UGA used batteries should be discarded here.
  • Styrofoam (#6 polystyrene): Please keep an eye out for a large white trash bin in the Ecology building. Clean and dry polystyrene foam blocks, coolers, or packing peanuts are accepted. Tape, labels and any contents (including any trace of food residue) must be removed.
  • Ink cartridges: The first and best option is to use the package and included return mailing label that came with your replacement cartridge to send the empty one back to the manufacturer. Otherwise, you can repackage the cartridge and send it via Campus Mail where it will be recycled.
  • Unwanted furniture, equipment, electronics (surplus): UGA departments and department personnel are not to dispose of any surplus property, even if broken and/or unusable. Further information on surplus can be found here.
    • If you are unable to recycle use within Ecology please contact Tyler Ingram to schedule removal of surplus items. Note, there is a cost associated with having items picked up for UGA Surplus disposal. Project funds are not allowed to cover disposal costs.