Building Maintenance

The Odum School has custodial staff to help with normal upkeep of facilities, including but not limited to restroom cleaning, regular trash disposal, recycling disposal, and routine outside maintenance. Research labs and associated personnel should manage proper research disposals.

If you notice a stained ceiling tile, bathroom leak, ants/other pests/rodents outside their normal habitat, etc. please email with your findings. We will determine if we need to submit a work order for Facilities Management help. All routine building maintenance requests for the Ecology building and the Ecology Annex should be routed through the front office.

Centers Maintenance

For routine building maintenance in the CEID/IDEAS building, please contact the Ecology front office.

For routine building maintenance in the RBC building, please contact Wendy Paulsen.

A dumpster is located outside the Ecology building near the loading dock. This is set up for official UGA custodial use and official research lab use, with appropriate disposal bags, only. No one should be using this dumpster for personal trash disposal. No one should place old UGA furniture in the dumpster. Please see surplus instructions for the correct process on unwanted UGA equipment, furniture or IT gadgets.