Mail Services

Campus Mail is typically distributed by noon each business day in appropriate mailboxes.

If you have official outgoing mail that needs to be delivered via USPS please contact Joanne in the front office.

We kindly ask that personal packages be addressed so they are delivered to your office or lab and accepted for signature there and not the front office.

Although a purchase order is UGA’s recommended method for acquiring goods, we understand there will be occasions you must order official items and have them delivered to the building. In this case, we ask that you address these packages so they are delivered to your office or lab and accepted for signature there and not the front office.

The front office is inundated with official UGA packages almost daily. As official packages come in, our front office will prepare the required paperwork and email you when it is ready for pick up. All package pick ups will require your printed name and signature.

Express Shipping

Joanne can help with FedEx express envelope shipping, if needed. Once you have prepared your envelope for shipment please fill out this form and take your identifiable package to the front office for further processing.

Dry Ice Shipping

Beginning July 12, liquid nitrogen, dry ice and ethanol orders will be filled by external vendors directly, rather than through UGA’s Central Research Stores (CRS) as an intermediary. UGA has negotiated prices for these supplies that are comparable or better than current CRS prices, and they can be ordered directly in UGAmart. This webpage includes additional information about ordering scientific supplies at the best prices. 

The change follows feedback and preferences provided by CRS customers in a recent survey. Most faculty and staff already order liquid nitrogen from external vendors instead of through CRS. In addition to providing better prices, this change will allow teams from the Office of Research and Finance & Administration to combine chemical receiving and barcoding into a single operation, providing faster and better service for faculty and staff ordering lab supplies and chemicals.

Q: Can I still create blanket POs for liquid nitrogen and dry ice?

A: Yes, blanket POs can be established with Airgas rather than CRS. Details on the process to establish blanket POs with Airgas are included on this website.

Q: Airgas’ standard delivery is two days. What about short-notice orders?

A: The Chemistry Stockroom will maintain a modest stock of liquid nitrogen for walk-in or emergency refills. The stockroom will also carry 190- and 200-proof cubitainers of ethanol. Finally, dry ice will be available for purchase by the pound at both the Coverdell and Chemistry stockrooms.  

We appreciate your partnership as we work to improve chemical purchasing, barcoding, and delivery services for research and instruction. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Shawn Hill.

Mail Return

Do you need to return something because it’s the wrong item, for repair, for replacement, or other? Please visit this link and choose “Material Return Slip and Shipping Permit” to process this request. Be prepared with the following information.

  • Obtain Vendor Approval and a Return Authorization Number.
  • If the item will be returned to an international destination, please obtain packaging requirement from the vendor.
  • If the vendor shipped the item in error, ask them to cover the return shipping costs.
  • If the item being shipped is an inventoried asset, include the UGA inventory number in your request.
  • If a purchase order is being issued by Procurement for the return, repair or replacement for this item, please reference the purchase order number in your request.
  • It is strongly recommended that you insure all items for the full replacement value. If the shipment is not insured and is lost or damaged in transit, there are no other replacement or repair costs available.

Notary Services

The Tate Student Center Offers Notary Services free of charge to faculty, staff, and students when related to official UGA Business.

Otherwise, you may seek notary services from the UPS Store or other vendor.