1. UGA Procedures

  1. Each academic unit must create criteria for the designation of either a Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory FY-PT Review report.
      1. These criteria must be stated clearly and in writing.
      2. These criteria must be approved by a majority vote of tenured and tenure track faculty.
      3. These criteria may be revised or amended by majority vote of tenured and tenure track faculty.
  2. A duly constituted FY-PT Review Committee shall consist of a minimum of 3 elected members.
  3. The FY-TP candidate may exclude up to 5 members from his or her FY-PT Committee.
  4. The FY-PT Committee receives two items from the candidate’s academic unit:
    1. a) The unit head’s Annual Reviews from the last five years.
    2. b) A brief Quantitative Summary listing the candidates’ teaching, research, and service contributions to the unit over the last five years (prepared by the PTU Head).
  5. The FY-PT Committee receives two items from the candidate:
    1. A Current C.V.
    2. A brief (2-pages) Narrative Statement documenting the candidate’s:
      1. Accomplishments and contributions during the last five years.
      2. Future teaching and research plans.
  6. It is recommended that the FY-PT Committee meet with the candidate to review these materials.
  7. The FY-PT Committee provides two items to the PTU Head and the Dean:
    1. A concise Narrative Summary of the review addressing the candidate’s performance with respect to the unit criteria.
    2. A Committee Vote on whether the performance is deemed:
      1. Satisfactory
      2. Unsatisfactory
    3. A satisfactory vote (by majority of the FY-PT Review Committee) effectively terminates the process.
    4. An unsatisfactory vote must be accompanied by a report from the FY-PT Committee identifying:
      1. The areas of weakness.
      2. Suggested actions that might strengthen the faculty member’s performance.
  8. If, and only if, the FY-PT Committee vote is Unsatisfactory, then a series of remediation steps, as defined by the University Statutes, is negotiated with the Dean, the PTU Head, the Chair of the FY-PT Committee, and the Candidate.

2. O.S.E. specifics on the UGA procedures outlined above

  1. Because we are a small unit, we have folded the FY-PT Review Committee into the duly elected Promotion and Tenure Committee. The FY-PT Committee then functions as a 3-person subcommittee of the O.S.E. Promotion and Tenure Committee.
  2. As a permanent member of the Promotion and Tenure Committee, the Promotion and Tenure Unit Head (PTU Head) cannot serve on a FY-PT Committee. The PTU head charges the FY-PT Committee, and participates in any proposed Remediation Plan that follows an Unsatisfactory vote, but the PTU head cannot participate in, nor vote on, a FY-PT Committee.