Updated: November 15, 2019

The Academic Programs Committee met on November 15, 2018 to establish recommendations for the assignment and periodical review of laboratory fees associated with credit hour courses. The committee aims to develop criteria that can be consistently applied across the Odum School of Ecology.

Course lab fees vary widely across the OSE curriculum (current range of $10 – $350 per student), and generally remain unchanged once established. However, the true cost of running labs (i.e. field trips, experiments, materials) fluctuates from year to year. The APC recommends that surplus funds from lab fees not be allowed to grow beyond $5000. The present surplus of funds may be used for small items of new equipment (<$5000) that depreciate in value over time and for vehicle maintenance insofar as these support courses carrying course fees. Maintenance of this buffer will fall under the purview of the Laboratory Coordinator. Annually, the APC and the Laboratory Coordinator will work together to adjust course fees as appropriate.

This document outlines the OSE philosophy on assigning course fees. All course fees must comply with UGA policy 4.07-14 (https://provost.uga.edu/policies/academic-affairs-policy-manual/4-07-miscellaneous-course-policies/).


  • The application of course fees should be fair in that the same guidelines and considerations are used across courses when determining the fee to assess, both within and between degree programs.
  • Course fees are to be assessed for all expenses that exceed the ordinary costs of instruction,
  • including photocopying and exams.
  • Fees assessed are intended to be revenue neutral over time; recognizing that the purchase of some student equipment may serve multiple courses or years, the fee assigned for the use of this equipment should be prorated.
  • OSE has purchased a scantron machine, which should be used for grading exams rather than University Testing Services; the APC will cover the annual cost of the scantron license.
  • Course fees for courses taught primarily in lab/classroom should be kept to less than $100.
  • The APC may direct funds from annual credit hour allocation to offset costs at the time of creation of new courses and to offset the costs of high-cost experiential learning courses. To request initial consideration for allocation of APC funds to a course, the instructor of record should make a request in writing by January 15 of the preceding fiscal year.