Procedure that the Graduate Committee will follow in making admissions decisions and prioritizing students for OSE support and University awards.

  1. The Graduate Committee will determine an acceptable pool of applicants by reviewing the entire pool of complete applications. Each application will be reviewed by at least three members of the Graduate Committee who will weigh academic performance, relevant experience, diversity and fit to the graduate program, among other things, when deciding on an applicant’s suitability to the program.
  2. The list of admissible candidates will be determined by the Graduate Committee and provided to the entire faculty. This list will include the names of faculty identified by the applicant and Graduate Committee as potential mentors. The graduate committee will entertain appeals from faculty members if a desired student falls into the inadmissible category.
  3. The Graduate Committee will select invitees for the Ecology recruiting event.
  4. The Graduate Committee will select the Presidential nominees, which must be done prior to the recruiting event due to UGA deadlines.
  5. The Graduate Committee will rank all candidates for admission within two weeks after the conclusion of the recruiting event. The ranking will be used to nominate prospective students for other University and Graduate School awards and to prioritize the use of OSE communal resources, e.g. teaching assistantships and GSRAs.