Entertainment Reimbursement (Foundation)

If your reimbursement falls into the “UGA Foundation” category, please be sure you have the Dean’s prior approval before incurring expenses.

Your reimbursement package should include:

  • your itemized, paid receipt(s)
  • Proof of Event” (e.g. email invitation to participants, printed flyer, meeting agenda, any supporting documentation)
  • A signed and completed foundation entertainment form.
    • You only need to complete items 3-7.
    • The Business Office will complete 1-2.
    • Be sure to sign and date the form at the bottom where it indicates “Entertainment Approved By.”
    • Other forms we process in the business office will capture other required signatures.
    • Listing of Individuals Entertained” (7): If you have a separate sign-in sheet or RSVP form, you may write “see attached” on the list of attendees portion of the form and turn in the list of names as well.
      • If it was a large event without a sign-in sheet or RSVP form, please fill in as many names as you can reasonably fit before writing “students – 20, faculty – 10” etc.
  • Please write your speedtype/accounting tag in the top left corner of the entertainment form.
    • If you do not already have/know your speed type/accounting tag please reach out to Mica Turner.

Submit your form and all attachments to Mica Turner’s mailbox in the ecology copy room or to the folder on the wall near the front office Admin Assistant. Incomplete packages will be delayed or returned.

Note: Foundation reimbursements take a bit longer to process which can delay reimbursement to you.

It is advisable that you obtain prior permission for reimbursement from the appropriate account holder before incurring expenses.

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