Employment at UGA

Employee Pay at UGA

Comp Time is earned AFTER an employee reaches 40 hours in one work week.

Ecology requires prior approval from the supervisor based on the agreement between the employee and supervisor.

Ecology does not allow comp time more than 5 hours per week.

This form must be submitted by the supervisor at least one week prior to the date comp time is expected to commence.

Working Without Pay (Volunteering)

No person of any age may “volunteer” to work in or for a UGA department unless their efforts are part of a structured volunteer program approved by the University.

Performance Assessment

What is a performance assessment?


How do I know if I earn leave?

UGA Policies on time away from work.

How do I submit a leave request?

How does a supervisor approve leave requests?

Need to cancel an approved leave request? Supervisors may do so.

OneUSG Time & Absence Changes

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